Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City – Overview

Lahore Smart City is a major real estate project and the second smart city in Pakistan. At the same time, Capital Smart City is the first.

It is a modern and innovative green development that aims to create a technologically advanced and sustainable urban community.

The project is LDA approved and developed by one of Pakistan’s leading construction and development companies, details of which are below.

Smart City in Lahore is more than just a real estate development. It promises a bright future where dreams and reality blend to create a modish lifestyle with great investment benefits.


Lahore Smart City Developers and Owners

This high-tech project is made possible by the joint scheme of Habib Rafiq Group (Pvt.) Limited and Future Developments Holding (Pvt.) Limited are masterminds in the real estate industry.

Here we have the details of the two most competent developers in the real estate industry. The design and other developmental partners.

Habib Rafiq Private Limited is an aerospace and airfield, construction, chemical and petrochemicals, environment, energy and power, residential and infrastructure, roads, water resources engineering, and oil and gas.

HRL is responsible for residential construction, roads, electric and automated outcomes, gas pipelines, water tanks, and layout works for the respective smart city projects.

Future Developments Holdings is a private development and building organization registered under the Companies Act 1984. The FDHL team aims to support retail and residential communities in the best modern vicinity.

The 25 honors are a testament to Future Development Holdings’ phenomenal achievements in Pakistan’s real estate industry. Smart Cities are an example that speaks for itself regarding FDIHL.

They are already well-known in the real estate industry because of their hard work and commitment to the high-quality development of infrastructure in residential societies such as DHA and Bahria Town.


Design Partner

Surbana Jurong, a Singaporean architecture company, represents fine pieces of aesthetics, perfection and architectural development through Smart City Lahore.

They have designed the Smart Lahore City project according to Pakistan’s culture and landscape, being honored as one of the leading companies in Asia’s sustainable and futuristic urban architect groups.

Surbana Jurong has done an excellent job using European development ideas to plan this massive project, which offers people a variety of housing options.


Other Design Consultants

  • Harradine Golf
  • Troon Golf
  • DSA Architects International
  • Aquiver Architects
  • Smart Technology Solutions
  • Design Consulting Engineers
  • Cracknell
  • NesPak Engineering Consultancy
  • Development Partners
  • This project has many development partners, such as:
  • Trivelles Smart Homes
  • National Defense University
  • International Medical and Research Institute
  • Freij Entertainment International
  • Hardine Golf
  • Movenpick
  • ESA


Prime Location of Lahore Smart City:

When choosing a piece of land for investment, the location plays a crucial role. Before buying a property, an investor should carefully consider the pros and cons of the surrounding area. With the help of modern real estate updates, the project promotes eco-friendly practices in the city and caters to the needs of both genuine buyers and investors. Lahore Smart City is situated near the Kala Shah Kaku interchange.

Furthermore, the neighborhood is well-regarded. Because it is easily accessible from the Grand Trunk Road alongside the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. All of Lahore’s popular commercial districts are only a few minutes away.


Lahore Smart City NOC: LDA Approved Project:

Smart City Lahore was granted its (NOC) for 2153 Kanals at the start of 2021 by the Lahore Development Authority allowing the construction of a society of over 7,000 Kanal.

The second NOC of Lahore Smart City, for 14,000 Kanal of land, was issued in mid-2022.

Lahore Smart City NOC approval status indicates reliability and safety for potential buyers. The customers can enjoy the convenience of smart ft their plots. The NOC certifies compliance with LDA regulations. Therefore, it confirms that society obtained the necessary approvals and clearances.


Accessibility Points of Lahore Smart City

  • The National Highway and GT Road are just a 0-minute drive away.
  • A 2-minute drive from the Lahore-Islamabad M2 Interchange.
  • DHA Lahore is 18 minutes away by car.
  • Lahore International Airport is 18 minutes away by car.
  • The Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange is a 2-minute drive away.
  • Adams Housing and Al Kabir Orchard are on the other side.
  • Iqbal Garden is only a 5-minute drive away.


When was Lahore smart city launched?

The smart city Lahore is one of Pakistan’s most recent smart city projects, being the second in the country. Developers launched this project in 2021, but interestingly, pre-launch bookings began much earlier in August 2022.


Lahore Smart City Landmarks:

Here are some of the nearby landmarks and places that are in close vicinity to the Lahore Smart City:

  • Lahore bypass
  • UET Lahore
  • Ferozwala
  • Kala Shah Kaku
  • Shahdara Town
  • M-11 Motorway
  • Kot Abdul Malik


LSC Upcoming News & Development Updates:

The 1st Balloting Selection announcement is coming soon. Those who booked plots by paying 100%, 50%, or 40% down payment can choose their plot from 29th March to 4th April 2023. Members who pay their installments on time and meet the criteria for the 1st Phase (60%) will have a chance to select a plot between 5th April and 12th April 2023. If someone received their acknowledgment receipt for plot selection after the company announced the criteria (60%), they can select their plot from 13th April to 19th April 2023. Additionally, balloting in the overseas and executive blocks of Lahore Smart City will begin on 13th May 2023. Exciting times are ahead for investors and members of this smart city project.


LSC Latest Development Updates:

LSC is growing rapidly, which is impressive and commendable. This fast development boosts investors’ confidence, and they feel comfortable investing without hesitation.

  • Flower Park is the new addition to LSC. Here multiple species of flowers are planted, including flora and fauna.
  • 312 Ft. Main Boulevard Road Construction Is Done
  • Business Avenue Construction Is Complete
  • In Sectors, a & B Water Supply Is 100% Working
  • The First Society in Pakistan with Its Own Fiber Optic Cable Network
  • In Sectors a and B, Villas Construction Is Done
  • Park and Mosque Construction in Sectors a and B Is Also Done.


Lahore Smart City Master Plan:

The management of Smart City Lahore has a vision to offer a world-class living experience to everyone. To achieve this, they have crafted a master plan that includes modern infrastructure, green parks, and various real estate investment opportunities.

The master plan comprises two main blocks:

  • The Executive Block
  • The Overseas Block.

Additionally, there are several districts within the housing project as well. Let’s first learn a bit about the blocks before diving into the details of the districts.


Blocks of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is thoughtfully divided into three major blocks:


The Executive Block:

specifically designed for people who desire a smart and modern lifestyle with convenient amenities. Residents in this block can enjoy access to luxurious facilities. The block offers various residential plot sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, as well as commercial plots available in 4 Marla and 8 Marla sizes.


The Overseas Block:

As the name hints, this block is specially reserved for overseas Pakistani living in the UK, the USA, or in Canada. It is specially designed to fulfill the needs of people living abroad. In the Overseas Block, there are available plots for both residential and commercial purposes. Residential plot sizes include 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, while commercial plots are available in 4 Marla and 8 Marla sizes.


Overseas Prime Block:

Lahore Smart City has introduced the Overseas Prime Block, a recent addition to the residential society. This block encompasses both sectors A and B and had its balloting on 22nd December 2022. The division of the Executive and Overseas blocks has led to the formation of different districts within the smart city.


LSC Payment Plans:

All Payment Plans Will be Added In this Section.


Lahore Smart City Districts:

Lahore Smart City is divided into six distinct districts, each offering a range of services and amenities for residents: Additionally, there is the Executive Block, specially designed for those seeking a modern and luxurious lifestyle with access to all premium amenities. There is the Executive Block, specially designed for those seeking a modern and luxurious lifestyle with access to all premium amenities.


The division of the executive and overseas block lead to the districts. Let’s take a comprehensive look at these districts below:

Sports District:

Dedicated to sports and recreational activities.

Education District:

Focused on providing educational facilities and institutions.

Theme Park:

A district featuring a theme park for entertainment and leisure.

Silicon Valley:

Designed for technology and innovation-related ventures.


Dedicated districts for religious and spiritual needs.

Healthcare District:

Providing access to healthcare facilities and services.

Additionally, there is the Executive Block, specially designed for those seeking a modern and luxurious lifestyle with access to all premium amenities.


Lahore Smart City Executive Block:

  1. Residential Villas
  2. Residential plots
  3. Hospitality
  4. Education
  5. Healthcare
  6. Retail
  7. Religious activities


Lahore Smart City Sports Districts:

  1. Racetrack
  2. Cricket Stadium
  3. Foods and beverages
  4. Residential apartments
  5. Commercial opportunities


Lahore Smart City Education Districts:

  1. Universities, schools, colleges
  2. Medical colleges
  3. Daycare centers
  4. Tuition facilities


Lahore Smart City Theme Park:

  1. Bird park
  2. Holiday resort
  3. Food and beverages
  4. Street food truck park
  5. Retail


Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley:

  1. IT campus
  2. Residential apartments
  3. Technology operational offers
  4. Corporate offices
  5. Warehouses
  6. Retail


Lahore Smart City Mosques:

  1. Grand Jamia Mosques
  2. Sector Mosques


Why Lahore Smart City is a Smart City?

Experience the future of urban living where you’ll discover incredible wonders of nature and human creations. Lahore Smart City is filled with stunning buildings, modern living, and smart technology to make life easier. It’s a carefully planned and designed society to ensure a beautiful and efficient place for everyone. Come and experience the greatness of architecture and city living at its best!

Investing in Lahore Smart City is a wise choice due to its emphasis on smart living, modern infrastructure, and strategic location. This promising investment opportunity offers the potential for high returns and a luxurious lifestyle.


Amenities & Services:

Lahore Smart City is designed to offer a modern and innovative living experience. With smart features, sustainable practices, and advanced technologies. Given below are some of the amenities provided by Lahore Smart City:

  • Access from Multiple Points
  • Safety and Security
  • Smart Features
  • LDA Approved Community
  • Environmentally Secure
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Educational, Health & Sports Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi Accessibility
  • Commercial Hub
  • Crystalline Lake
  • Aviation Point
  • Health Care Facilities



Lahore Smart City offers a great investment opportunity and a modern lifestyle in a future-ready urban setting. With its appealing features, excellent location, and trusted developers, investing in Lahore Smart City will enhance your living experience and lead to a flourishing future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Park View City is a luxurious and elegant housing scheme located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Park View City is ideally situated in Zone IV on Malot Road, near Bahria Enclave, in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Park View City is a project of Vision Group, owned by Aleem Khan.

Yes, Park View City is a legal housing scheme with CDA-approved NOC and planning permission.

You can book 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1 & 2 Kanal Residential Plots, and 6 & 8 Marla Commercial plots in the society.

Yes, the society offers a 2-year easy installment plan for investors’ convenience.

The possession of plots in the developed blocks is granted to investors, while the remaining blocks will receive possession after some time.

Park View City will offer all basic and modern facilities such as water, gas, electricity, security, hospitals, schools, shopping zones, sports and fitness centers, botanical gardens, and cinemas.

Park View City is one of the most sought out and supreme housing societies in the area, it is an excellent investment opportunity for people seeking for good return on their investment in a short period of time. With speedy development and modern infrastructure, the prices and the value of the properties in the society will rise and give its investors a fruitful ROI.

Yes, overseas Pakistanis can easily book a plot in Park View City through online services.

Society is actively working on setting up all the public amenities for the residents’ benefit. Within the next few months, the society is expected to be fully developed, offering a comfortable living experience for its residents.

Considering its location, NOC approval, and amenities, Park View City is reasonably priced. It also offers an easy 2-year installment plan, making it a feasible investment option. Additionally, being CDA approved with no litigation concerns allows investors to apply for home loans from banks.

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